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Key Specifications
The Vega is a long range integrated multi-sensor PTZ system that boasts a 39X visible/NIR camera, wide-angle spotter camera, 22X thermal imager and LRF in a rugged and robust IP66/IP all weather solution. Integrating these four sensors allows great versatility in detection, recognition,

and identification of intruders for complete 24/7 day or night surveillance and situational awareness.

Key Features:

›› Long-range military-grade multi-sensor vehicle PTZ camera system

›› Low backlash micro-step technology for quick, accurate pan/tilt control

›› Meets and exceeds MIL-STD-810F and MIL-STD-461E EMI

›› Up to ±45° tilt angle and endless 360° rotation

›› 39X optical 8–315mm continuous zoom visible light lens with haze filter

›› 39° to 1° horizontal field of view with auto-focus

›› 8MP wide-angle spotter camera with 112° field of view

›› 640×480 15μm InSb Cooled Thermal Imager with DICE

›› 30~665mm ƒ/4.0 continuous zoom auto-focus thermal lens with 0.83~18° HFOV

›› Up to 18km of human detection and 25km+ of vehicle detection*

›› Rugged -40°~+60°C and IP66 sealed with anti-corrosion finish

›› IP Ethernet ONVIF & Pelco-D RS485 for control & communication

›› Ultra long 20,000 hour cooler lifetime (50% longer than industry standards)

›› Latest H.264/H.265 streaming technology with Ultrastream smart codec

›› Total weight under 55kg

Additional Features:

›› Gyro Stabilization › Digital Magnetic Compass (DMC)

›› GPS Positioning › IR Laser Target Designator

›› Radar Slew to Cue › LRF or DRF for Target Ranging

›› Auto-Tracking › Cableless Design (between payload and pan/tilt)

See It All

Infiniti’s cooled thermal cameras let you see further than any other

night vision technology, using heat rather than light to see objects.

This cooled thermal imaging camera is equipped with a midwave,

cooled Indium Animonide (InSb) detector, producing ultra-sharp

thermal images of 640×480 pixels. This will satisfy users that want

to see the smallest of details and demand the best possible image

quality. It allows the user to see more detail and detect smaller

objects from a further distance. Coupled with a high sensitivity, and

leading germanium optics, this camera offers extreme long-range

performance and excellent image quality.

Cooled InSb Thermal Imager

Phone: 1-866-200-9191


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