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Key Specifications
100MP Super HD 180 Degree Panoramic Video IP Surveillance Camera System Outdoor all weather IP 66.

The Fusion offers wide angle coverage in high resolution, with the ability to zoom into any part of the 100MP image. The digital zoom can be performed independently of other users or real-time requirements, so multiple users can

be examining different parts of the image simultaneously, or recorded footage can be played back and analyzed at multiple zoom levels.


›› Real-time and forensic zoom over entire field of view offers simultaneous wide-angle and long-range situational awareness

›› ePTZ allows the operator to zoom in on any point of interest within the

panoramic video while still recording the whole scene, even in playback

›› Multi-user streaming of independent viewing windows

›› Efficient H.264/H.265 compression offers reduced bandwidth and

storage requirements without sacrificing image quality

›› Complete all-in-one solution for wide-area situational awareness

›› High ROI as one camera replaces 50 2MP cameras, reducing install and maintenance costs

›› Ideal for integration with Infiniti''s long-range day/night EO/IR cameras

›› Advanced analytics being added in 2018

›› Recording and Matrix video hardware available


›› City Safety

›› Ports & Harbors

›› Critical Infrastructure Protection

›› Stadiums and Parks

›› Military & Government

›› Airports


100MP 180° Panoramic Ultra Wide Angle Security Surveillance IP Camera 30 frames @ 100MP + smart VMS
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