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Key Specifications
Rugged Mobile Thermal & HD Day Night PTZ Camera System

Thermal 640×480 26mm–75mm f1.0 continuous zoom Auto Focus

Dynamic Image Contrast Enhancement (DICE) IR WDR

Up to 2.4km human detection and 7.3km vehicle detection

Ultra HD 4k 8MP CMOS day/night camera

37X Optical 6–220mm HD zoom lens

Optical field of view from 58° to 2.2°

User-defined WDR, HLC, BLC, AWB, Dehaze/Defog via web client

Extreme heater/blower for operation in -55°C to 65°C

Optically pure flat viewing window with integrated wiper

Micro-step technology for quick, accurate pan/tilt better than 0.1°

Rugged IP66 military grade design with secure military cable connectors


The PHX-37X-4K-75-TIZ is an integrated dual-sensor Network ONVIF IP PTZ system that boasts a 37X Ultra‑HD $k 8 MP CMOS sensor and a highly tuned zoom thermal infrared

camera for true 24/7 performance. Integrating these two sensors provides unparalleled performance resulting in accurate detection, recognition, and identification of intruders. All of this is integrated into a rugged IP 66 housing constructed of strengthened aluminum with alloy treated anti-corrosive coating. Paired with the internal heater/blower and wiper, this allows the Phoenix to withstand the harshest climates and the most brutal assaults, making it ideal for Fixed, mobile deployment, perimeter security, homeland defense, and coastal protection.

Thermal See It All 24/7

Infiniti’s thermal cameras let you see further than any other night vision technology. Thermal cameras, unlike traditional visible cameras, use heat rather than light to see an object. Humans, animals, and vehicles are very hot in contrast to most backgrounds making trespassers hiding in shadows or bushes easy to spot. Thermal images

are also unaffected by bright light and have the ability to see through atmospheric obstructions such as smoke, dust, and light fog.

Thermal Imager

The Phoenix contains a GEN II VOx 17μm uncooled sensor 640×480 and a sensitivity able to detect differences in temperature as small as ±0.05°C. The sensor’s no-maintenance VOx design, unlike ASI and other thermal cores, is self-healing and resistant to solar damage.

Germanium Zoom Lens We pair the uncooled VOx core with our precision-engineered 26–75mm germanium zoom lens. Our germanium optics boast an industry-leading f1.0 aperture, compared to most others at f1.6. This means they allow more thermal energy to reach the sensor, further increasing its range and performance.

Rugged PTZ Thermal Zoom + 35X 4k 8MP HD Day Night Camera Mobile Vehicle PTZ Camera ONVIF
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