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Key Specifications
RAPT Overview

Infiniti has been a recognized industry leader in Long Range EO/IR systems and is excited

to announce the commercial release of our RAPT long range Radar Analytics,

Processing and Tracking system. The RAPT when integrated with our Electro- optics

provides Ultra long range turn key solutions for wide-area surveillance and border and

perimeter protection. The RAPT Radar Analytics processing and tracking system

provide panoramic 360 degree 24/7 day night coverage and with Slew to Cue on Electro optic Surveillance cameras provides automated security and deference that reliably detects and tracks land, maritime and aerial targets of interest automatically with the ability for manual remote or local override.

•Ultra long range threat detection

•Self-Adaptive, automatic system operation

•Panoramic 360 24/7 day night operation

•Advanced processing low false alarm rate

•Robust, operation in severe climatic conditions

•Up to 35km of vehicle detection (3,846km 2)

•Ideal for marine, land and UAV Airborne surveillance

•Integrated real-time Health Monitor and control via web client

•Real-time speed, bearing and estimated object size reporting

•Designed for remote unmanned deployment

•Full Slew to Cue (STC) Integration with Infiniti Electro-Optic


A superbly effective and strategic solution uses radars in tandem with EO/IR Surveillance cameras (visible

and thermal) to automate many of the critical challenges that the security force faces. This solution

automatically detects and tracks moving objects and positions the camera to focus on the object. If the

tracked object moves into a blind spot or out of a camera´s view, it will be picked up automatically by

another camera and tracking will will continue seamlessly.

The RAPT display Java client, available to any computer on the network, uses standard NTDS symbology

for maritime and land target threat levels. The RAPT display Java client also supports multiple sensor feeds,

including sensor integration into the RAPT client supporting AIS and Blue force tracking, forensic track

history database and open standard maps and/or external map servers.

Infiniti Ectro Optics

1-866-200-9191 (MST)

Radar Analytics Processing Tracking RAPT: Long Range Radar & PTZ Auto Tracking Perimeter Border
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