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Key Components, IP Camera, Access Control, Management Platform, Building Automation, Home Automation, Security Services, Police Equipment
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  • Country: Netherlands
  • City: Den Haag
  • Address: Mesdagstraat 118
  • Contact Person: EDWIN DE GROOT

Key Specifications
IDVision is a modular Software Development Kit (SDK), that offers you an entire integrated personali-sation solution for smart cards.
Third party applications can use IDVision to enhance their functionality.
The modular structure of IDVision provides a flexible solution for different workstations.

Key features
1 Graphical Layout Designer
2 Hardware independent card printing with optional encoding of all kind of smart cards
3 Photo acquisition supports digital cameras and Live-View
4 Secure web service communication (no ActiveX, Silverlight or Flash)
5 Modular structure for high flexibility

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