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Key Specifications

Hirsch DIGI TRAC controllers are standalone access control systems that support secure ScramblePads, MATCH intelligent reader interfaces, high security alarm monitoring, and control relay outputs. Every controller is modular, expandable and upgradeable. Expansion boards add alarm circuits, relay outputs, communications to a PC or printer, and memory for more users, events and alarms.

For consistency and completeness, every DIGI TRAC controller uses identical firmware so premium features and functions present no hidden costs. If later versions offer new features, firmware is replaced without replacing your controller, wiring or other system investments.

In order to maximize reliability, Hirsch incorporates standby batteries for both memory and system operation, an internal international power supply, socketed door control relays, fused power and keypad/reader terminals, a heavy duty enclosure, a high security lock and a tamper alarm.

* Several models available to match specific needs 
* Modular: uses expansion boards 
* Standalone or networked 
* Microprocessor based 
* High security supervised alarm inputs, door relay outputs, general relay outputs, dedicated alarm relay output, digital keypad/reader channel 
* Digital transmission: long wiring runs, multidrop connections
* Encryption algorithm: eliminates facility codes, high security transmission 
* Local operator programming options: scramblePad, PC Port, and Modem Port including Dial-Up 
* Multiple reader technologies in one system 
* Printer port for events and transactions 
* Resident application library 
* Multiple languages in firmware 
* UL Listed: 294, 1076 Grade AA

Hirsch DIGI TRAC M1N Controller
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