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IP Surveillance, Access Control, Intrusion Detection, Transmission
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Key Specifications
* Additional DVR trigger and DVR event reporting: upon alarm, call the camera to the specified preset, feed that image to the main monitor, direct the DVR to initiate recording at the appropriate frame rate/resolution, and provide live viewing of multiple DVRs and cameras from Velocity. Tag the alarm video clip in Velocity, easily recall all the DVR's alarm video clips, and utilize many more capabilities
* Streamlined set-up for operator roles, holidays
* Additional info passed from PIV-II card to Enrollment Mgr
* Additional card scanners supported
* Enhanced operator logging and reporting
* Additional alarm/event routing options
* Single-click behavior added to graphics VIOs
* Additional reporting options
* Enhanced anti-passback functionality
* Advanced ScramblePad LED control
Hirsch Velocity3.1 Access Control and Security Management Software
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