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Key Specifications

EasyLobby Solo is a streamlined version of HID Global’s successful EasyLobby Secure Visitor Management (SVM) software, and is designed to smooth the transition for small and large organizations moving from a traditional guest book to an automated, digital visitor management solution. In addition to facilitating a more professional image, organizations are able to increase security for visitors and employees by better managing who is entering and leaving the premises. EasyLobby Solo provides easy registration and check-in along with visitor activity reports that are simple to generate, to satisfy compliance/audit requirements.

Key Benefits:

* More Professional – Provide visitors a positive brand impression with streamlined visitor scheduling and a quick check-in process that provides professional badges.

* More Streamlined – Allows for basic pre-registration, use of ID scanners for smooth visitor check-in, professional badge issuance, and efficient reporting.

* More Secure – Unlike traditional guest books which store visitor information in plain sight, visitor information is securely stored within the EasyLobby Solo application and can be emailed to first-responders in emergency situations.

Where applicable, internal watch lists can be used to stop unwanted visitors at the door keeping employees and other visitors more safe and secure.


* Supported Operating Systems - Windows® 7, 8, 8.1 & 10 including Windows Pro Tablets

* Languages Supported - Available Now – English / Coming Soon - Spanish, French, German, Portuguese, Russian, Simplified Chinese, Thai, Japanese, Korean, Italian, Turkish, and Arabic

* Databases Supported - EasyLobby Solo will set up and configure a SQL Server database to securely store visitor records automatically

* Employee Import - Import employee information using a provided template into the EasyLobby Solo database to eliminate visitors from handwriting who they are there to see

* Number of Visitors Allowed per Day - Unlimited visitors, check in as many visitors as your hard drive can store

* User-Defined Fields - EasyLobby Solo simplifies setup with numerous predefined fields (name, company, etc.) but you can also add user-defined fields of your choice to capture data that's important to your organization

* Customizable Badges - Designing and issuing visitor badges is a breeze with the embedded Asure ID badge designer. Easily add your logo and design badges so that each type of visitor has a unique badge style (i.e. daily versus week-long)

* Reporting Options - Ability to pull visitor data from a variety of standard reports for auditing purposes and generate evacuation reports to assist during emergencies or drill exercises

* Email Notifications - Automatically send an email to the host when their visitor arrives

* Watch List - Create internal watch lists for specific individuals, companies, or countries to alert receptionist when flagged visitors attempt to check in. The watch list also has a VIP category to remind the receptionist when a high level executive has arrived

* Self-Registration – Run EasyLobby Solo in a self-registration mode to allow unstaffed areas to process visitors more quickly

* Hardware Device Options:

  - Acuant SnapShell R2 drivers license and 1000B passport scanners

  - AssureTec ID-150 and ID-150A drivers license scanners

  - Topaz SignatureGem LCD 1x5 and 4x5 signature pads

  - Honeywell barcode scanners: Xenon 1902 wireless (1D/2D), Genesis 7580g (1D/2D), MS9520 Voyager (1D)

  - Logitech C920 PTZ web camera

* Badge Printer Options

  - FARGO: C50, DTC1000Me, DTC1250e, DTC4250e, DTC5500LMX, HDP5000, and HDP5600 badge printers

  - DYMO: 450 Turbo black and white thermal badge printer

HID EasyLobby Solo Visitor Management Software
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