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Key Specifications
HID Global’s vanGO technology includes a portfolio of One-2-One visual security offerings that enable you to create personalized IDs that immediately validate the identity of the cardholder at the time of card issuance. vanGO allows you to increase the visual security of your cards by engraving the cardholder’s unique image on to a special metallic patch that is hot-stamped on each card as it is issued. This One-2-One personalization process creates a more tamper-proof solution that makes it difficult to counterfeit the card and enables the cardholder’s identity to be quickly validated without special training or tools. With several different card, hardware and software options available, designing the right solution for your organization is easy. HID Global’s vanGO is a total solution consisting of cards, hardware and software that work together to create a simple, secure, and cost-effective system.

The vanGO metallic patch enables you to:

* Produce IDs that are virtually counterfeitresistant, especially when combined with other visual features, such as holograms or microimages
* Generate truly personalized IDs as they are issued

* Create crisp, clear images

* Implement high-security, card-personalization features at a lower total cost of ownership

* Ideal for visual credential examination and indispensable for inspection when electronic readers or access to databases are absent

HID vanGO One-2-One Personalized Visual Security Features
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