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  • Country: Taiwan
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Key Specifications

The GM8128/GM8126 is an SoC integrated with embedded Ethernet-Phy, Audio Coced, USB-OTG, RTC, high-end TrueHDTM ISP technology to provide a competitive cost structure. It only needs four external active components to realize a finished network camera.

This SoC easily connects to various sensors. There are many kinds of IVS functionality available. The low-power design offers the best temperature capability: IC surface temperature is only 38 degrees at 720p with 30 fps. The GM8128 and GM8126 are suited for a new generation of intelligent network cameras with the leading package EPAD-TQFP for production.

Grain Media GM8128/GM8126 SoC
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Grain Media GM8128/GM8126 SoC
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