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Key Specifications
Broadcasting Camera Quality Super WDR”Apical”

Full HD (1920x1080p)

1/3” 1920 x 1080 CMOS

1080/30p. 25p, and 720p

Apical WDR embedded

New PL Filter Available (Transmission 90%)

Auto ICR Available

I/F : HD-SDI, Camera link, IP

FS2-04X - 1080p employs iridix Wide Dynamic Range technology.

With 1920x1080/30p high sensitive as well as high resolution CMOS image sensor

Supports both of SDTV and 1080p HDTV resolution.

The additional combination of Day&night and auto IRIS function makes FS2-04X-1080p a sophisticated multi-purpose information camera that provides a great performance not only in security, disaster prevention and traffic surveillance but also Electronic toll collection and criminal investigation which require the targets captured instantaneously and clearly for incriminating.

Apical ”iridix effect”:

Strong dynamic range compression

Natural appearance

No generation of false contours, edges or other artifacts

Preservation of color and detail

Apical “iridix”DRC (Dynamic Range Correction):

Apical “iridix” enhances the tone of highlights and shadows of the source image that has a broad difference in intensity especially occurs when captured outdoors and enables to avoid clipped whites and blacks.

It applies pixel by pixel correction in real time.

Apical “iridix” DRC:

Gain.Lt, Amp.Lt_S and Amp.Lt_H parameters are adjustable to limit the conversion curve that iridix generates

By turning all these parameters off, iridix shall generate tone curve with a strong positive gain in dark areas and strong negative gain in bright areas

This response is similar to human visual system however these strong gains may cause noises rendered on the source image

Each parameter of Gain.Lt, Amp.Lt_S and Amp.Lt_H provides gain control feature which limits the strength of processing in different intensity ranges and changes into gentle curves, such that noise is always kept

outside the visible range.

Pixel-by-pixel dynamic range correction:

Most current DRC imaging devices except for iridix uses transforms which calculate the tone level based on 4 (or 9) divided areas and suffer from considerable drawbacks

They achieve insufficient tone corrections not only with a broad difference between

highlights and shadows among divided areas, also with quick motions and tend to

damage image quality partially.

Pixel-by-pixel tone calculation, composite mapping optimization and all screen correction are performed by iridix in accordance with the brightness level of the source image, enable to correspond with quick motions and provide natural-looking images.

Local Contrast Preservation Function:

Since gamma correction uniformly lifts dark areas, in some cases it leads to loss of contrast and sacrifice fine image.

Local Contrast Preservation of iridix keeps fine detail by preserving luminance level with a broad difference between contiguous pixels, considering it as an edge

Full HD (1920x1080p)-Broadcasting Camera Quality Super WDR”Apical”
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