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Key Specifications
Vesta Z-Communicator CTC-1908 is designed to upgrade your existing security system to add 4 Vesta cameras to PSTN control panel for video verification and send reporting over GPRS or GSM instead of PSTN.

Benefited from Vesta family’s unique advantage, movement detection and image capturing can be carried into any security system via Vesta cameras. Upon alarm event, 3 images will be captured and transmitted over GPRS/GSM network to the Central Monitoring Station and the mobile phone/email box of the user.

With the new PSTN to GPRS/GSM converter inside, CTC-1908 helps you to upgrade your existing Control Panel to send reporting via TCP/IP over GPRS or GSM, instead of PSTN. It assists you to upgrade your existing system without wasting money on equipment replacement.

With added features, Vesta Camera can send an instant notification to Control Panel via alarm output when detecting a movement and furthur users can use a SMS command to arm/disarm Control Panel via status output.

With uncompromising technology, you really can benefit from this intelligent Z-Communicator to extend endless possibilities for surveillance.

Z-Communicator CTC-1908
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