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  • Country: Taiwan
  • City: Taipei
  • Address: No.258 Hsin Hu 2nd Road
  • Contact Person: Sylvia Chang
Key Specifications
-2-Areas, up to 80 zones for full-featured Wireless IP Based & GSM / GPRS Panel with built-in Web Page
-Alarm Reporting: TCP/IP (IP- or GPRS-based) or Contact ID (GSM) or SMS Text Message
-Built-in GSM / GPRS Digital Dialer as a backup
-Reporting number: 2 phone numbers for GSM/SMS reporting & 2 IP Addresses
-Optional Wi-Fi – wire and tangle free! Can be installed wherever with Wi-Fi reception, offering a flexible and easy

-Automatic configuration for Router setting that offers easier access to Web GUI from external site (by UPnP protocol)
-Capable of remote upgrading via internet connection (TCP/IP) or TCP/IP over GPRS
-IP Address: DHCP or Static IP Programmable
-Add up to 8 wired / wireless IP cameras
-IP Camera image captured by triggering the IP Alarm System; with Pre-5 secs & Post-5 secs of images at about 3 frames per second
-Full Supervision to ensure problem-free operation of the system
-“Full Arm, Home Arm, Day Home Arm, Night Home Arm” arming options available
-Interference detection is available at user's discretion to report signal jamming
-Real-time remote monitoring
Internet IP & GPRS/GSM Based Centrally Monitored Alarm Panel CTC-1241
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