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Key Specifications
* In compliance with UL1635, UL1637 and UL 985

* Half duplex (Push to Talk & Listen In) & Full duplex (Two

Way Conversation) speech path controlled by DTMF

telephone or receiver consoles using DTMF commands

* Integral ringer for hard-of-hearing users

* Full 24 hour battery backup as per UL 985

* Battery load test

* End user accessible battery compartment

* LCD display - facilitates device learning & naming

processes, status and fault displays to inform user the

activated/faulted zones, and real-time clock display

* 100 time-stamped event logs that can be displayed via the

built-in LCD display, or remotely from the Central

Monitoring Station

* Local & remote time setting/adjustment

* Hands-free answering and auto-answer option

* Communication Protocols: Contact ID, Scancom Social

Alarm Format (SAF), and Tunstall Telecom Format

* Programmable both remotely from the Central Monitoring

Station and locally via DTMF (tone) telephone, or via

Programmer CTC-835 (sold separately)

* Reporting to a total of 4 programmed telephone numbers,

and each number can have a separate account numbers

up to 6 digits long

* Up to 6 telephone numbers can be stored for non-

emergency calls; user can use the up & down arrow keys

on the control panel to speed dial

* Voice Prompt: playing customized voice prompts in certain


* Voice Reminder: up to 4 user-recorded daily scheduled

messages of 7 sec each, and 3 remote messages of 10 sec

each. When the user is away, caregiver or Central

Monitoring Station may leave a voice message to remind

the user the scheduled time to take medication or to do the

rehab exercise; families/friends may also leave a voice

message for any occasion.

* System Fault Reporting for the following: Power Failure,

Power Restore, Telephone Line Fail, Telephone Line

Restore, Low Battery, & Low Battery (radio devices)

* Incorporated pre-dial alert tones followed by comfort tones,

to indicate that emergency communication is in progress

* Pre-dial “Guard Time” alert programmable from 0 seconds

to 99 seconds

* “Help Arrived” confirmation feature

* Mobility check

* Automatic Check-in Report and System Supervision to

ensure overall system functionality

* A maximum of 20 accessory devices can be added in one

system with the following compatible wireless devices:

Waterproof Wrist Emergency Transmitter, Waterproof

Emergency Pendant, Passive Infrared Detector, Fixed Panic

Button & Smoke Detector

* Wall-mounting and table-top available

* Compatible with CTC-835 Programmer for both local &

remote programming. Settings can be easily managed by

using the built-in LCD display and keypad. Complimentary

Windows-based software “Pilot-835” is provided, which

allows you to program and edit the settings efficiently from

a computer

* Compatible with Talking Pendant WTRV

* Optional Voice Reporting: calling out to users’ landline or

mobile phone (a voice message with the capacity of 20 secs

can be recorded)

PSTN Medical Alarm CTC-1068
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