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Key Specifications

Seamless integration with existing IT systems
Avigilon Access Control Manager seamlessly integrates with Active Directory, HR databases and any other IT and logical security systems. This allows user to manage permissions centrally, from a single location and without any headaches. The system was built from the ground up, with the IT professional in mind.


Easy to use – anytime, anywhere.
Access Control Manager software is browser-based, therefore allows access to the system anytime, from anywhere. The simple interface allows user to manage multiple sites from one location, even if they're spread across the globe. Users are also able to assign door privileges and manage employee or visitor credentials quickly and easily, never needing to be tied to a specific workspace.


Setup in minutes.
Due pre-configured server, the access control solutions take only minutes to install. User will never have to suffer through the time-draining task of installing software on multiple workstations.

Avigilon Access Control Manager allows  scaling up or down based on business's growth. Because  solutions are open and web-based, they also allows user to scale with the lowest cost of ownership.

Hot-standby/auto-failover is always at the ready through cloud based server architecture, switching to backup system automatically in the event of a fatal failure. This saves from costly redundancies, and keeps business, business-as-usual.

Avigilon Access Control Manager 5.0 (ACM)
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