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Key Specifications
The solution accepts VGA analog signals or analog video signals. It converts the analog VGA signal into NTSC/PAL S-video and composite video (CVBS), or analog RGB for SCART application. Additional bypass VGA output could be added via the video buffer. This implementation can display at both the monitor and TV simultaneously. Besides, it accepts NTSC/PAL S-video or composite video (CVBS) and converts into VGA analog signal output or 16-bit digital RGB/YUV output.


a. Converts non-interlaced VGA into interlaced TV format (NTSC/PAL)

b. Composite video and S-Video outputs

c. Analog RGB output for SCART interface

d. Highly integrated design with built-in NTSC/PAL encoder, ADC, DAC and SRAM

e. High clarity 5-line anti-flicker filter

f. 8 levels of sharpness control

g. Supports up to full 1024x768 VGA resolution

h. Automatically supports scan rate from 50 Hz up to 100 Hz

i. Linear vertical and horizontal overscan/underscan control

j. Zoom and freeze controls

k. Four-touch-button interface with OSD (on TV) to control all key functions

l. Picture panning control

m. Brightness control

n. Built-in color bar

o. Simultaneously displays on PC and TV monitors

p. Converts interlaced TV signal (NTSC/PAL) into non-interlaced RGB format for CRT monitorsor LCD panels

q. Highly integrated design with built-in DAC,SRAM, OSD and LUT

r. Built-in on-screen-display with programmable bitmap

s. Auto NTSC/PAL detection

t. Analog/digital non-interlaced RGB (VGA) signal output (Scan Doubled or Deinterlaced)

u. Internal RGB video lookup table (LUT) to provide gamma correction and special effects

v. Overlay support for title making and complex on-screen display

w. 16-bit digital RGB/YUV output


a. LCD Monitor w/TV Input

b. LCD Projector

c. Video Editing Equipment

d. PC ready multimedia TV

e. TV output for laptop, network, entertainment PC

f. Net browser/set-top box

g. Internet TV

h. VGA add-on card with TV output

i. VGA to TV converter box

Video and VGA Scan Converter Solution (AL251A-EVB-A0)
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