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Key Specifications
This solution contains an LCD board with an AL320C, which is an Analog LCD Display Controller which is a combination of a multi-channel analog preprocessing circuit including source selection, anti-aliasing filter and ADC, ACC (Auto-Clamp Control) and AGC (Auto-Gain Control), CGC (Clock Generatio Circuit), digital multi-standard decoder containing chrominance and luminance separation by an adaptive 2D comb filter, a brightness/contrast/hue/saturation control circuit, programmable horizontal and vertical scalar, image and sharpness enhancement processing, On-Screen-Display, programmable Tcon and 3-Channel DAC outpus, etc.


a. Analog Input

- Supports multiple analog video inputs

- Supports Composite Video, S-Video & YPbPr inputs

- Built-in 10-bit ADC, AGC ACC

- Supports Auto Multi-Standard

- NTSC/PAL/SECAM mode detection

- Adaptive 2D Comb-Filter video decoding for Y/C separation

b. Digital Input

- Supports ITU-R BT-656 Digital Input

c. Video Processing & Scalar:

- Closed Caption/V-Chip/WSS/WSS-J VBI decoding

- Macrovision copy protection detection

- Contrast/Brightness/Hue/Saturation adjustment

- Sharpnes adjustment for Edge Enhncement

- YCbCr to RGB Color Space Conversion

- Programmable H/V Up & Down Scaling 4:3 to/from 16:9 conversion

- Programmmable 3-Channel Gamma Correction

d. OSD

- Built-in internal OSD 4K bytes RAM for programmable OSD function

- Supports up to Supports Programmable

- OSD window Position

- 8 OSD colors

- Supports OSD Blinking & Blending

- Supports Prorammalbe OD window Position

- Supports Prorammable OSD window Size

- Supports OSD X/Y mirror

e. Analog Output & Tcon

- Supports Analog LDC panels: 960x234, 1200x234, 1440x234, 1920x234, etc.

- Low Power 3-CH DACs for various Analog LCD panels

- Programmable TCON or various Analo LCD panels

- Supports Image Mirror and Flip functions

f. Digital Output

- Supports Digital Serial RGB LCD panels (AU, Toppoly etc.)

g. Miscellaneous

- Supports three PWM generators for general purpose control

- Supports interrupt output pin for hardware mode detection

- Built-in Tes Pattern Generator (Color Bar, Grey Scale, etc.)


a. Head Mounted Display

b. Portable DVD Player

c. Car DVD/TV/GPS System

d. Portable TV/DTV

e. PMP (Portable Media Player)

f. Game station with LCD screen

Small-to-Medium Analog LCD Display Solution (AL320C-EVB-A0)
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