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Key Specifications
This EVB board is designed for evaluating the AL460A HD-FIFO integrated chip. It has two embedded AL460A-7(-13)-PBF chips operating in parallel, expanding the bus width to 32-bits. Control signals and data bus signals are available on two 50-pin connectors; one connector is reserved for write controls and the input data bus; the other one is for read controls and the output data bus. A separate socket board is available to the user for connecting the module directly to an Altera Cyclone III FPGA board for any necessary solution verification/validation.

The AL460A is designed with a straightforward bus interface, reducing implementation and debugging efforts, and helping customers develop faster and more efficiently. This board is especially designed and optimized to be easily integrated as an add-on module on existing systems, significantly reducing interface engineering issues commonly found in retrofit efforts. This allows designers the luxury of being able to focus on core functionality and product quality.


* 256 Mbit density, 8M x 32-bit FIFO memory

* Maximum 150 MHz, 32-bit synchronous sequential read/write operations

* Maximum 4.8 Gbps throughput

* 3.3V power supply

* Programmable I/O control

* Supports double buffer mode (4M x32-bit upper and lower frames access)

* Selectable Polarity control

HD Video Frame Buffering Solution (AL460A-7&13-EVB-A0)
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