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Key Specifications
HD-FIFO is a proprietary design technology used to overcome issues commonly hindering and limiting other frame buffer devices (e.g. SDRAM, DDR…etc) found in FPGA solutions. Traditional FPGA implementations require higher I/O pin totals and place heavy demands on logic resources and property memory controllers, forcing a designer to move up to higher grade FPGAs. In contrast, AverLogic's HD-FIFO requires significantly less in I/O pins and logic resources, at the same time overcoming latency issues therein. The programmable I/O controls and double buffer mode increase design flexibility and reduce FPGA overhead.

* 128-Mbit density configured as 8Mx16-bit input and output data bus width
*  Supports NTSC,PAL and HDTV up to 1080p resolutions
*  Independent 16-bit read/write data bus operations (different I/O data rates acceptable)
*  High speed synchronous sequential access with maximum speed of 150MHz
*  Input/Output enable control
*  Supports double buffer mode (Upper and Lower frame access with 4Mx16-bit in each frame) via frame select pins
*  Polarity Selectable
*  2.5V/3.3V power supply
*  Standard LQFP 128-pin package

HD Quad Splitter for Coaxial SDI and HDMI – Great advantages for the Broadcast Display, Digital Signage or Surveillance Industry
HD cameras and related equipment for video applications will unquestionably alter this market segment landscape. HD video will significantly improve surveillance clarity in poor visual conditions, providing great advantages, such as improved zoom capabilities, license plate recognition, facial recognition and motion detection, especially at far distances or in dimly lit areas. In fact, we have already seen many HD surveillance cameras enter the market, including 720p (1280x720) models. But more recently, HD solutions with 960H (960x576 or 960x480) have improved SD (Standard Video) resolution by up to 30% and have laid the foundation for coaxial cabling as the medium of choice, which has also been sanctioned by the HDcctv coalition.

The Coaxial cabling for Digital Signage or Surveillance applications is a logical choice. The cable can carry an uncompressed video without traffic congestion, video lag or frame loss – this is advantageous for a real-time HD cameras deployment. In addition, many video system installations have pre-existing coaxial cabling for their standard definition video cameras – in effect, converting to HD video would only entail camera replacement without re-cabling.

AverLogic proposes an HD Quad Video Splitter for Coaxial SDI solution using an advanced HD Video FIFO design, featuring AverLogic's AL460 HD FIFO IC chip, arguably, one of the fastest HD data buffering solutions in the market today. Applications

*  Video Surveillance System
*  Broadcast Display System
*  Digital Signage System
*  Mobile monitoring System

HD Quad Video Display System

HD Quad Splitter Key Features:
*  4-channel SD, HD and 3G SDI (SMPTE 259M-C, 292M, 424M) interface
*  Supports HD video 720p (1280x720), 960H (960x576 or 960x480) input
*  Four independent input channels with synchronous design without image rolling
*  Input video loss detection
*  Motion detection
*  Frame freeze
*  Text or Bitmap OSD overlay
*  Color bar pattern output
*  HDMI, SDI and CVBS real time display at 1080p 60 Hz or 50 Hz


Additional HD FIFO Proposal – Visual Digitizer
Key Specifications:
*  Output resolution in XGA@30fps, SXGA@15fps, WXGA@15fps
*  8x8 digital zoom
*  Embedded OSD
*  50 Hz/60 Hz frame rate input auto-detect
*  Auto/Manual brightness control
*  Image freeze operation
*  Color or monochrome display
*  Incorporates Edge enhancement
*  Supports contrast adjustment
*  Standard VGA output
*  5V DC supply voltage

Full HD Video FIFO (First-In-First-Out) Memory (AL460 IC)
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