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Key Specifications
AM-PG100 Smart Access Gate

AM-PG100 smart passage access gate uses standard 304 stainless steel, professional design with combination of precision mechanical movement, stable master control, take the structure of perfect running access gate. The passage access gate are particularly suitable for subway, train station, stadiums, ports, government agencies, factories and enterprises, commercial buildings, scenic venues, banks, supermarkets, universities, residential quarters, leisure and entertainment, etc.

Main Features

1. Using 304 standard stainless steel, professional industry design at IP54 with moisture proof, dust proof and water proof, suitable for indoor and outdoor;
2. Housing in standardized design, based on the full CNC laser cutting, drilling, molding technology, mechanization drawing process, the modular docking, it is easy to handle maintenance with high degree of interchange;

3. Access gate installed infrared sensor, when telescopic flap arm meets resistance during open and close, it will automatic bounces back or within a specified time motor stop working, the intensity is very small, at the meantime gates send out alarm signal and voice. In addition access gates have anti-trailing, orientation discrimination, anti-pinch injury functions etc.

4. With automatic reset function, pedestrian read valid card, if the person does not pass in the specified time, the system will automatically cancel the access rights;

5.The whole system running smoothly with low noise. The access gates also have double core engine, apply for both sides access which can apply to multi-channel.

6. Unified standard external interface which can be mounted with a variety of card reader. The access gate can also to be remote controlled and managed through distance computer;

7.Smart access gate management system is equipped with two card readers, using contactless smart technology, special research and develop to fit the systems, compared with other systems, the advantage of AMSEN system show as below:

* System can use a variety of issues contactless smart card , known as radio frequency card , successful solve out a multi-purpose card, confidential, wear, simple operation etc problems, greatly improve the usefulness of the gates’ operation

*Computers and smart gates using RS485 bus communication, easy for expansion. When the corresponding control system is installed , if want to increase number of smart gates , only need to increase no of access gate, the software can start to manage the gate to operate in working condition and other functions through setting.

* System can be operated online with networked or working offline mode.

According to the system download parameters,access gate automatically determine the IC / ID card whether is valid or not and to decided to open/close the gate. On the meantime the system will record gate open/close data and save in the memory.

* Master controller equipped with RS485 communication interface, can be extended to direct control of the gate through software, easy to apply at heavy crown passage of centralized management and control systems.

* With counting function, through the external connection of LED display, make you more easier to manage pedestrian flow.
8. Optional of luminous LED features on the access gate flap arm

Main Parameters

1) Power supply voltage: AC220 ± 10% V, 50HZ

2) Driving motor: AC motor AC220V/25W

3) Working temperature: -30 ℃ ~ +60 ℃

4) Relative Humidity: ≤ 90%, non-condensing

5) Input interface: Relay switch signal

6) Communication interface: RS485 interface standard electrical

7) Communication distance: ≤ 1200 meter

8) The maximum passage width: 600mm

9) Gate open and close time: 1.5 seconds

10) Dimensions: L1400× W300 × H1000 (mm)

11) Pass speed: 30-40 people / minute

12) Housing Material: Standard 304 stainless steel, thickness 1.5mm(2.0mm optional)
Super market pedestrian barrier gate
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