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Key Specifications
Open smart modular sensor system for alarm security-Bamboo

Bamboo Vedio link:

Bamboo Is an all-new sensing and cognition system. A Whole intelligence platform.

Bamboo is an open sensor system .

Bamboo is with open architecture. 

Bamboo comes with OSSI I/F-the world first Interface spec &

Protocol for open sensor system, any vendor with OSSI Certification can instantly have OSSI-Ready Sensor

Plug into Bamboo system with smooth integration.  

Essential from sensing, with openness bamboo creates a sensor ecosystem with infinite.

Possible and opportunities across industries, it’s not only for security, but also to more living application, for better Living and converged experiences.

Bamboo is a smart system.

Bamboo comes with intuitive UI and auto-configuration & Provisioning ability.

Bamboo can remotely managed by APK/APP.

Bamboo supports native IP for better networking .

Bamboo provide advanced programming function set for better logic and scenario support.

Bamboo support visual event re-visit for case verification, greatly eliminate the false alarm.

Bamboo is a modular system

Bamboo design with true modular architecture essentially,

Customer can define, design and deploy as per their case requested freely with varies of Bamboo modules.

The great extension of the sensor and sensing ability  

Serves your growing needs and wants over time without replacement 

Open smart modular sensor system for alarm security-Bamboo
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