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  • Sicurit Alarmitalia

  • Country: Italy
  • City: Milan
  • Address: Via Gadames, 91
  • Contact Person: Sebastiano Vento
Key Specifications
High tech outodoor microwaves with planar antenna, consists of transmitter and receiver to protect up to 50 mt. or 80 mt. The receiver incorporaters signal processing with wider dynamic range, enhanced target analysis and minimum susceptibility to interference.

They offer volumetric protection able to detect any intrusion attempt. Easily installled, can may be mounted on two poles or else on a wall with the optional brackets. Its small dimensions enable descrete and wide range of applications.

Can be used in small and medium range perimeter lenghts for the protection of long windows, wide industrial doors, medium size areas and residential areas, long corridors, balconies and gates.

Two models are available in this compact case, MES050 range up to 50 mt. and MES080 range up to 80 mt. both with lobe up to 6 mt.

The robust IP65 weatherproof policarbonate housing is ready for outdoor installation with his optional wall brackets or pole brackets.

MES080 and MES050 Medium Range Outdoor Microwave Barriers
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