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Key Specifications
100% Automatically Tracking!!!

IGUANA system is the most efficient and powerful existing surveillance system for Large, complex, high securityarea with multiple high speed targets moving at various directions.

Both wide angle camera and telescopic camera are in this IGUANA camera module. With these two cameras, you can obtain both images at the same time. The effective area of one camera moudule is about 3,440 square meters (67.5M⊙51M). (*According to the CCTV Operational Requirements Manual published by U.K. Home Office - Scientific Development Branch, it requires resolution of 160 pixel/meter to achieve the level of RECOGNISE.)

PC based system has advance functions and is suitable for high security projects. Besides, we also have CMS for SV1000 PC based IGUANA system. SV1000 can be integrated with IVS easily.

The main functions:

1: Intelligent auto tracking all high speed moving target

2. Can track dozens of targets at the same time. Lock on 5 targets within one second.

3: Large coverage area

4: Excellent images for identification

5. Good picture quality for day and night.

6: Few cameras required, easy to find the critical video file

7. With a mirror mechanism for tracking, so the tracking speed is very high and the durability is much better than Speed Dome camera.

Demo viedos from Sunvision's web site:

IGUANA-PC Active Tracking Surveillance System
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