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Key Specifications
AC-225 - Advanced Scalable Networked Access Controller


Advanced, scalable & simple-to-use

Rosslare security's AC-225 is taking a leading step to next level access control in the mid-size commercial / institutional market where response times are critical. Whether there's a need to control one door or hundreds

in a number of remote sites or a campus, the AC-225 system delivers the features and functionalities needed to reinforce maximum multi-site security.

AC-225 is powerful and flexible as it's smart and simple-to-use, here's why AC-225's expandable inputs/outputs, network and on-site / off-site Internet communication, integrated application capabilities and smart security logic rules enhances safety and security while requiring less setup and installation time. What more as organization's security and access demands increase, AC-225 easily expands and seamlessly upgrades into an existing network, requiring less time to manage and configure.

Its distinctiveness is decisive being the only multi-site access control system to date to combine performance, unlimited throughput, seamless integration and enhanced security rules all in one system.

Scope of the system

Easy connectivity - AC-225 can manage as many as 30,000 users with access rights for every panel, across 2000 doors, all from a single server. Being open and adaptable the AC-225 system easily connects with other networked PCs through the AC-225 client.

Simple to manage and administer - The client server enables easy access and control of all user data, photos, access rights, alarms, strike times and door modes through a central management location that enables continuous event monitoring or periodical batch downloads.

A powerful user-friendly client - AC-225's performance and throughput were recently boosted due to the replacement of the old MS Access Database with an SQL database. Site door sub-networks can connect to the client software running on MS Windows 98/ME and NT/2000/XP operating systems.

Intelligent inter-connection - the system provides smart connections of inputs, outputs and readers. Each access control unit supports one or two readers and each subnet consists of up to 32 ACUs that can easily connect through the system's server.

Built-in reporting - the client comes with a built-in report system that provides up-to-date accounts on entry / exit times as well as alarm types all filtered by users, location and time.

Easy installation

AC-225 is easily installed with a mountable and lockable metal box that comes with a transformer, power supply/charger, sounder and control board.

AC-225 - Advanced Scalable Networked Access Controller
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