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Key Specifications

Everspring used green materials to design a whole new series of smart home appliances that operate with more efficiency and less energy waste. With many years of home automation/security experience in the industry, Everspring presents the innovative and cutting-edge HIS products to customers.

Everspring hub HIS system - SC412, is a smart control panel that communicates with peripheral devices via wireless control. SC412 supports both 433MHz O-net home automation devices and 868MHz H-net home security peripherals.

Everspring provides users with a wide selection of home safety and automation devices. There are recommendations as followed:

For warm apartment houses
Economic kit USE132—it comes with the control console with voice dialer, to connect with one PIR movement sensor and one door/window detector as well as one remote keychain controller.

For luxury houses
Multi-function kit USC821 –The system includes a control panel to connect with motion sensors, door/window detectors, remote controllers, GSM dialers, smoke detectors, and temperature/humidity sensors. The kit can also be upgraded to functions of wireless on/off switches and dimmers for remote control.

For cottage homes
The USC821 or USC811 kit is designed for high-end requirements. The advanced sets of Everspring's wireless alarm systems are also suitable for the premium demand.


Everspring new smart home solutions
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