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Four-Faith 5G Intelligent IoT Bullet IP Camera Presented at Nvidia GTC Conference, Boosting Industry 4.0 Era
Source: Four Faith
On November 9th, 2021, the annual NVIDIA GTC conference was presented by NVIDIA CEO and founder Jensen Huang, bringing together developers, researchers, engineers, and innovators from around the world "on the cloud". Jointly explore the future development of AI, 5G, high-performance computing, medical and health care, intelligent data networks, and other fields.

As a pioneer of 5G AIoT technology, Four-Faith has successively launched several 5G industrial terminals, and at the same time deeply explored various segments of 5G application scenarios. Four-Faith has close ties with many leading manufacturers in the industry, and jointly contributes to the development of global 5G industrial applications.

On the GTC conference site, “Converged 5G and Edge Compute to Deliver Advanced Low-Latency Services for Industry 4.0" theme speech presented by Nvidia 5G chief architect and Capgemini group CTO. Four-Faith as the unique 5G Intelligent IoT camera solution provider, after nearly half a year of close cooperation with the project team, was finally successfully set up and the results were displayed.

As mentioned in the speech, the performance of ultra-high-speed and ultra-low delay of 5G network can quickly adapt to the rapidly changing connection demands of thousands of industries, which is exactly the key demand points that relevant industry departments expect to enable new use-cases and optimize industrial efficiency and achieve the promise of industry 4.0.

When Nvidia set the standard of enterprise-class airborne 5G environment deployment and realized the goal of end-to-end AI construction in the 5G scenario, the project team finally used the Four-Faith 5G Internet of Things RTU IP camera and applied OTA (over-the-air download technology) in the 5G SA network to achieve the multi-point rapid deployment of project functions after layers of screening. Assisted the project to realize the intelligent real-time analysis service under the industry 4.0 scenario.

The project team carried out edge image analysis and multi-point and multi-azimuth monitoring operation combined with high-definition video images collected by IP cameras to achieve real-time analysis of various work conditions in the campus, greatly improving the work efficiency of the campus, and avoiding potential work risks, and reducing operational accidents through intelligent prediction.

To verify the authenticity of the scenario where the average end-to-end cycle time is only 17 milliseconds. The speech especially showed that when oil leakage occurs on the ground of automobile workshop, the background of the system can achieve millisecond detection and timely warning, which greatly improves the safety and production efficiency of the working environment and decrease risks and costs for enterprises.

The cooperation with Nvidia has verified the advanced and extensive applicability of the Four-Faith Intelligent IoT surveillance product series. Four-Faith Intelligent IoT surveillance solution brings the IoT industry into a new era of intelligent visualization with the multi-directional integrated IoT monitoring concept of data + image + AI + 4G/5G. Through front-end integration and equipment interconnection and linkage, it avoids the front-end independent administration and repeated investment and solves the pain points of difficult deployment, incompatibility, no interaction, and inconvenient management of equipment. Besides, in the front-end, real-time processing of the basic protocol conversion and intelligent analysis, not only saves network resources, but also improves the response speed, truly achieve the interconnection of all things, protocol communication, unified management, fast response, and it is one of the best options in the industry 4.0 scenario.

F-SC241 intelligent IoT RTU IP camera as the main product for the intelligent IoT surveillance system, specially designed for industrial-grade IoT application environment. Using of 4G / 5G network to provide users with wireless transmission distances, low latency of HD video at the same time. Embedded with the high-performance industrial-grade MCU to access various types of sensor data collection & analysis, and the edge side of the AI image recognition function. To achieve the interconnection of all things, protocol communication, unified management, and fast response.

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