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How To Measure Irregular Object
Source: Robert

We all know, machine vision inspection is largely applicated on one mass order product line, which could save much cost & time as well as speed up the efficiency; end-user shall install one model camera + one focal length lenses at one product line or a whole factory.

However, i believe you also heard that there are many different size product ( automotive parts or container ), low quantity products, the irregular object ... but, you need to measure all these objects or inspect it, how to to arrange your schedule ? Will you arrange your QC guys to check by humanbeing ? Will you change the lens focal length or working distance ? Are you headache for this products automatic inspection ?

Yes, now auto-focus bi-telecentric lenses need to be used SMZ-DM1105 below.

Download PDF : SMZ-DM1105

Even the different height of object or the irregular products, the auto-focus bi-telecentric lenses could focus it within short time <1ms speed, with stepping accurancy 0.02°, telecentricity 0.03°, and TV distortion 0.01%.

Never inspect object by humanbeing under industrial 4.0 era, you would be eliminated by the ERA in short time.


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