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Alarm Lock: Global Lock-Down in Seconds Activated from the Server or Any One Trilogy? Networx?Lock – Ideal for Campus Security
Source: Napco Security
Alarm Lock’s Trilogy Networx Access Locks are ideal in case of emergencies, because, besides eliminating door-to-door operations, these advanced wireless locks, can provide schools, hospitals, and business campuses, global lock-down and unlock commands, activated from the PC/server or from any one of the Networx Locks-in under 10 seconds. In threatening situations, lock down all classrooms in the wireless 802.11B/G or Ethernet lock network. Trilogy Networx? disables keypad access from the outside and automatically overrides any free access or other schedules, while authorized Lockdown-override code will reactivate PIN/ID card access to prevent accidental activation.

Networx Locks, the next generation of popular Trilogy Standalone Locks, still offer 1 hour installation; Prox models that support the same HID badges as hardwired systems at a fraction of the cost; and unsurpassed long battery life. Networx Locks can be locked-down, programmed, -d and/or queried from a standard PC/server on demand or unmanned via a schedule, running Free Alarm Lock Windows-based Software. Plus, existing, classic Trilogys can be easily converted to Networx Locks right in the field with new conversion kits. See Alarm Lock's new EZ step-by-step video online.

For more information, ask your local Alarm Lock Rep, Distributor or visit or call 1-800-ALA-LOCK.
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