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Arena Upgradeable New iSCSI RAID for IP-SAN application

Arena (MaxTronic International Co., Ltd.), a global leader of high-performance RAID and enterprise-class storage solutions, announced its new iSCSI RAID subsystems.

SS-6603E/R supports dual active/active redundant controllers for true enterprise class product. These feature rich products are ideally suited for the IP-SAN environment s and enterprise-level Virtualization and cloud computing, improving the efficiency of administration and reduce the downtime of disaster recovery.

Both of the new systems will accommodate 16 x SAS or SATA hard disk drives, the SS-6603R is a Redundant Controller version and SS-6603E a Single Controller version which is field Upgradable to a redundant solution.

SS-6603E/R both have the full complement of iSCSI features
- Link-aggregation and jumbo frame support for maximizing bandwidth and performance.
- Challenge Handshake Authentication Protocol (CHAP) authentication
- Header Digest and Data Digest help to guarantee iSCSI data.
- Internet Storage Name Service (iSNS) for helping management of iSCSI devices.
- Support multiple iSCSI targets up to 8 sets.

Power-efficiency design for RoHS compatibility to meet the strict low-power requirements of the green power specification and with the intelligent power saving technology of disk auto spin-down, the fully loaded systems can achieve high power efficiency and therefore save power costs.

Arena SS-6603E/R system highlights:
- Redundant controller design, support Active/Active application.
- Support up to 8 x Gigabit iSCSI ports. (4 iSCSI ports per controller)
- Support 16 x SAS disks or SATA disks (A MUX tray PCB needed for SATA option).
- Support RAID levels 0, 1, 10, 3, 5, 6, 30, 50 and 60.
- Support intelligent RAID features, Array Roaming/Scrub/Recovery and Disk DST/Clone.
- Support embedded Sanpshot and Microsoft VSS.
- Support embedded GUI interface for easily RAID management.
- Support RAIDGuard Central for centralized monitoring of multiple RAID systems and MSN notification.
- Support BBM for keeping data in memory cache when power off.
- Support SAS expansion port for JBOD cascading (up to 120 drives).
- Support Smart-UPS monitoring.

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