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Manage and view every video surveillance site worldwide

Instek Digital has a proven record as Enterprise Video Surveillance provider and now introduces Global Surveillance. "To meet the demand of our customers - we designed a platform that aims on large-scale multiple-site installations," says Sara Lin - Director Video Surveillance BU of Good Will Instrument Co., Ltd. This platform is an extension of Instek Digital Enterprise line - the ideal solution for large and complex projects.

Instek Digital Global Surveillance allows large multi-site installations with multiple servers and users to be managed efficiently utilizing one platform - such as multinationals that have different office locations and want to manage the security process from one central location. This can be realized utilizing five different solutions; Global Administrator (GA), Streaming Manager (SM), Transcoder Server (TX), Relay Server (RS) and Mobile Server (MS). Each have their own strengths and benefits. Each single of these solutions are designed with their own qualifications - which benefits large multi-site installations.

Instek Digital's Global Administrator (GA) is a sophisticated solution for global large-scale security installations that need centralized user, device and alarm management. With this flexible solution - video surveillance can be optimized cost-efficient way - by managing every device and user from every site around the world. The security team is able to manage every single site from one central location. Videos are easily be live viewed from any camera from any site within the network. Further users can be manage by adding new users, configure users settings and permissions. Utilizing Global Administrator (GA) a project can easily be scaled to any magnitude and seamlessly connect multiple independent project sites into one virtual system.

To optimize the bandwidth utilization between a recorder and the client - Instek Digital designed the Streaming Manager (SM). It behaves as a stream relay server to obtain streams from the recorder and forward it to any client that requests the stream. This allows one single video stream to be viewed by multiple users. In case more clients are accessing one single video stream simultaneously then the Streaming Manager (SM) is able to process - Instek Digital's Transcoder Server (TX) helps to share the transcoding performance. It enables high quality video streams, low bandwidth utilization and high performance. Configuration is done by Instek Digital's Global Administrator and is an add-on of Instek Digital's Streaming Manager.

Accessing surveillance videos 24/7 and anywhere - Instek Digital introduces the Mobile Server (MS). It is designed for remote accessibility of live and playback video data - making it a powerful mobile video surveillance tool - to monitor all video data on the move. Using a Wi-Fi or 3G network - surveillance videos are streams from a network video recorder to any mobile device with iOS or Android operating system. In combination with Instek Digital's web interface CC Mobile - Mobile Server (MS) features live and playback viewing, camera patterns, digital I/O and PTZ.

Instek Digital Global Surveillance is a powerful yet user-friendly video surveillance solution for large-scale, multi-site installations. It monitors and manages unlimited cameras, servers and client workstations all over an IP-network.

More information – please contact Li-Chiang Wang at +886 22268 9939 ext. 116 or write an e-mail to
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