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  • EVVA Sicherheitstechnologie GmbH

  • Country: Austria
  • City: Vienna
  • Address: Wienerbergstrasse 59-65, 1120 Vienna
  • Contact Person: Ulises LORENTE

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Xesar is the versatile security solution

Xesar is the innovation from EVVA. The electronic locking system was developed and manufactured in Austria. It offers companies a host of products and application options as well as timeless design. Xesar scores high with a simple installation, free Xesar software and EVVA KeyCredits.

Xesar at a glance
With a total of four products, Xesar provides a matching solution for any door requirements. Products, such as handles, cylinders, escutcheons or wall readers adapt perfectly to their environment in terms of functionality as well as design.
Xesar offers a host of different identification media to enable users to identify themselves at the door and open it.
Access authorisations are granted in the Xesar software. A coding station transfers the information from the Xesar software to any Xesar identification media. As a result, creating keys is child's play. The admin card required for programming offers additional security. No access authorisations can be granted without this card.
The Xesar tablet is the practical companion that synchronises the Xesar software with individual doors.

Xesar is the solution
Xesar is the perfect solution for small and large facilities. Xesar controls complex tasks in companies, such as offices, trade, retail, healthcare and educational facilities, but also cultural institutions and leisure facilities. You can flexibly grant and revoke access authorisations. As a result, exclusively authorised users are granted access.
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