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EtherWAN will showcase the live demonstration for IEC 61850-3 Compliant Power Grid solution in Computex Taipei 2012
Source: Sara Su
In Computex Taipei 2012, EtherWAN will team up with Elipse Software, the worldwide SCADA system provider and Axiomtek, the global major IPC designer and manufacture to run the live demo for the complete Ethernet solution in power substations during Computex Taipei 2012 at EtherWAN’s booth located in Taipei World Trade Center Hall one with booth number A0503a.

Previously, standalone equipments are installed in many power substations to monitor the remote terminal units and to collect power data for the control center. The drawback of such proprietary communication protocol is to potentially cause high maintenance costs and compatibility troubles. EtherWAN brings Ethernet solutions, with standard TCP/IP protocol, to make communications in power grid automation efficiently. Accurate information and real-time monitoring data can be transmitted from the field to the control center. GOOSE message support is also critical among such communication loop.

In the field level, it is very common to connect Remote Terminal Units (RTU), power meters and Intelligent Electronic Devices (IED). EtherWAN’s Serial Device Servers (Serial to Ethernet) SE5300 series and Fiber Media Converters (100TX to 100FX) EL1141 series, DNP 3.0 & IEC103/104 compatible, are designed to work in the field. It is proved by multiple field tests that EtherWAN’s Serial Device Servers can be successfully running with leading IED brands including ABB, AREVA, GE, SEL and SIEMENS. The hardened managed rack-mount Ethernet switch, IEC61850-3 compatible EX87000 series, is then sitting on top of the SE5300 Serial Device Server and EL1141 Fiber Media Converter to collaborate all collected data. The EX87000 series, KEMA tested, can be configured with 8, 12, 16 or 24 ports of 100BASE fiber connections in single-mode, multi-mode in SC, ST or LC interface. 4 sets of combo Gigabit connection are also available from the EX87000 series for uplink purpose.

The control level is formed with multiple IEC61850-3 compatible EX83000 hardened managed Ethernet switches. EtherWAN’s proprietary Alpha-ring, featured in the EX83000, provides network redundancy with recovery time <15ms guarantee and zero packet loss. Depending on the network topology size, the EX83000 can be connected as many as 134 units in one single topology still with <15ms recovery time guarantee. Same as the EX87000 series, the EX83000 series can be configured with 16-port 100BASE fiber connections in connections in single-mode, multi-mode in SC or ST interface. 2 sets of combo Gigabit connection are available from the EX83000 series for uplink purpose in SC, ST or LC interface.

Within the live demo, a complete power grid application is simulated. This field-proven system can turn around to be a turn-key solution for system integrators or solution providers. Axiomtek provides SCADA gateway for data collection and HMI touch panel for control center. Elipse’s E3 software integrates the whole process management and monitoring. Doubtlessly, EtherWAN’s IEC61850-3 compliant Ethernet connectivity equipments play the crucial role for network communication and data transmission. Most importantly, the solution is tested, approved and installed in real power substations.
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