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Dallmeier Panomera sensor system for Moscow's stadium

The Lokomotiv Stadium in Moscow is one of the largest, most technologically advanced arenas in Russia. It is fully compliant with all FIFA and UEFA requirements, and is an approved venue for international matches. In order to guarantee the security of players and fans, the management team of the Lokomotiv Stadium has chosen the innovative Panomera multifocal sensor system by Dallmeier.

Situated in the eastern part of the Russian capital city Moscow, the Lokomotiv Stadium serves as the home ground not only for the "Lokomotiv Moskau" football team, but also for the Russian national team in international competitions. The stadium can accommodate more than 28,800 spectators. For the managers of the stadium, the safety of the visitors and players has the highest priority, which is also why they took such care when choosing a video monitoring system for the terraces. The managers consider it imperative to protect visitors and players from aggressive fans and to prevent any damage to property inside the stadium. The requirements the video system was expected to satisfy were demanding: incidents should be recognised early, and it should be possible to coordinate security personnel with complete efficiency during fighting or unrest in the stadium. In addition, the video material must be admissible as evidence in a court of law, enabling offenders to be identified conclusively, thus making it possible to determine which football club should pay the fine. After a long search, Lokomotiv Stadium decided to install the Panomera multifocal sensor technology (MFS) from Dallmeier.

Only One Point of Installation
The Panomera camera installed in the stadium monitors the home supporters area. The camera operates with an effective resolution of 64 MP at an image rate of 12.5 fps. Thanks to the unique Panomera effect, which is achieved with the patented sensor concept, the camera still produces images at 187 pix/m at a distance of 180 meters – quite enough to render individuals recognisable even at this great distance. To achieve the same resolution with conventional single sensor equipment would require installing 32 HD cameras.

"We needed only one point of installation for the Panomera – instead of many such points at various locations for standard cameras. As a result, we were able to reduce the labour associated with installation projects substantially, and save infrastructure costs", relates Aleksandr Skorupo, Head of Security for FC Lokomotiv Moscow.

Simpler operation for users
The new MFS technology offers advantages for security personnel as well: users can work with a single, complete overview, and no longer have to switch continually between different cameras and check multiple video streams at the same time. "When you are working with several cameras, it is very difficult to recognise dangers early and respond to them promptly", says Aleksandr Skorupo.

Regardless of which part of the surveillance area an operator is concentrating on at any given time, the Panomera always records everything that happens. This means that an incident can be reconstructed even afterwards, and all individuals involved can be reliably identified. Now, if the operator in the Lokomotiv Stadium becomes aware of a dangerous development, he can zoom in on the scene, analyse the situation and communicate recommendations to the security staff and police at the site.
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