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OpSpace – Personal operator workspace for Command & Control Centers in Military & Government
Source: Rodrigo-BARCO KOREA
Barco’s OpSpace provides control room operators with a personal, ergonomically optimized workspace, integrating multiple information sources across multiple locations and systems.
As a command and control center operator, you need maximum situational awareness in order to make decisions at a moment’s notice, involving communications, information systems, surveillance and collaboration.
However, the quality and effectiveness of your decisions will depend on how easily and securely you can access information. Disparate sources across different secured networks or an impractical workspace with multiple keyboards and mice can easily result in inaccurate decisions or, even worse, in an unsuccessful mission.
With Barco’s OpSpace operator workspace, you can regain control over your mission-critical information. OpSpace provides command & control room operators and analysts with a single, personalized view and secure access to disparate applications and networks, remote desktops, and video streams. All relevant information can be securely consulted and manipulated within a single pixel space – a single, unified display surface – with just one keyboard and one mouse. This way, you are always at the center of the information and you have the entire situational awareness within easy reach.
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