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Axxonsoft opens support center in Hungary with local IT and communication SI

Axxonsoft and Alphasonic have achieved a contractual arrangement to create a center of excellence in Hungary at the Alphasonic base. The center's tasks will include provision of training in Hungarian, with rights to certification in the name of Axxonsoft, and tracking Axxonsoft products at all stages, beginning with pre-sale consultation and ending with post-sale tracking. In the very near future a demonstration stand will be set up, at which all those interested may see the operation of Axxonsoft's basic products and vertical solutions. In addition, Alphasonic will conduct sales of Axxonsoft products.

The companies plan joint participation in exhibitions in Hungary and annual presentation of free seminars dedicated to Axxonsoft products. Likewise, it will be possible to obtain technical documentation and advertising brochures in Hungarian at the center.

"Our position in the development of the regions was always understood to be the creation of comfortable conditions for the local user. The Eastern European region is more than ten countries, each of which has its own language, local legal regulations, and local market’s features. To create an effective system to promote and track our products, we decided that it is important to take into account these individual properties. Hence the challenge was set, to present the maximum amount of information for potential users of our product in their native language. AlphaSonic is a player in the Hungarian security market with great potential, both from the point of view of organizing the processes of training and technical support, and from the point of view of attracting new installation companies. Already due to Alphasonic's activity, the first steps for systematic promotion of the Axxon Next and Intellect products have been taken. I hope that we shall be successful already this year in seeing significant results from this project," said Aleksey Mendelev, director of Eastern European representation for Axxonsoft.

"Alphasonic is the one of the IP video surveillance distributors in Hungary. Coming from the information technology field with a great deal of experience in networking and communications, we entered the video surveillance market in 2004. At that time CCTV was a new challenge for us, as a new opportunity to expand our business. During the past 8 years in dealing with video surveillance, we have accumulated a great deal of knowledge and experience in that field. We realized that the CCTV market has begun to demand ever more complex and sophisticated applications. The traditional analog solutions can not satisfy those requirements anymore. Today we receive more specialized inquiries from customers who need video analytics, facial recognition, special video security applications, and integration with other information systems. We have found that AxxonSoft is a very innovative company which is the right partner for us, and their products satisfy all requirements for modern video surveillance. Our partners will receive the latest technology at a competitive market price, with local support and camera vendor flexibility. The AxxonSoft products cover all market segments, beginning from home surveillance and SMB to the enterprise level," said Kiril Kirov, Head of AlphaSonic.

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