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ASUSTOR Integrates 37 New Compro Camera Models
ASUSTOR NAS integrates Compro's high definition TN camera series, providing home and small business users with the most ideal and cost-effective cloud surveillance solution

Taipei, Taiwan, September 25th 2013 – ASUSTOR Inc., a leading innovator and provider of network storage solutions, announced today that it has completed an integration with renowned IP camera brand Compro, adding compatibility for 37 different Compro camera models. These camera models include cameras from Compro's TN series, designed for small businesses, and NC series designed for designed for more specialized surveillance applications. Now ASUSTOR NAS users will have more choice than ever before when choosing IP cameras to set up their surveillance system.

Surveillance Center is a powerful and comprehensive surveillance application for ASUSTOR NAS devices that was developed exclusively by ASUSTOR. Surveillance Center can be downloaded and installed free of charge from ASUSTOR's App Central and also includes four free camera channels. Intuitive and easy to use, Surveillance Center features a quick installation wizard that helps users to set up their cameras and begin recording in just 5 easy steps. Additional features include instant notifications via SMS or Email which notify the user in the event of any disturbances allowing the user to monitor all of the latest developments. Furthermore, various recording modes are also featured, allowing users to record via schedule, motion trigger or alarm trigger.

“We are elated that this integration has included Compro's newest cloud IP cameras, the TN series. The TN series cameras combine the convenience of smartphones along with the specialized cloud service platform, C4Home, to bring users a range of multi-faceted yet practical functions. These functions include 3-step smartphone installation, 2-way voice chat and alarm transmission over smartphones, MicroSD card recording and direct playback and automatic firmware upgrades, “ said Kevin Su, Product Manager at Compro. “The integration of Compro's TN series cameras with ASUSTOR NAS provides users with a comprehensive surveillance solution. In addition to storing high definition camera recordings locally, users will also be able to store them in the cloud. This effectively provides users with an unrestricted and comprehensive cloud service platform. Users can now experience the unlimited possibilities of network surveillance, while also enjoying a complete audio visual surveillance solution.”

“Compro cameras provide a high quality product at a very competitive price point, “said James Su, Product Manager at ASUSTOR. “We are very excited that ASUSTOR NAS will now be supporting Compro IP cameras. Through this integration, we believe we can bring our budget-conscious customers an ideal and reliable cloud surveillance solution.”

ASUSTOR NAS are the first NAS devices in the world to be designed around the use of Apps. All devices come built-in with the innovative ADM operating system which was developed in-house by ASUSTOR. The newest version of ADM, ADM 2.0, was recently released and gives users a myriad of upgrades and new functionality. These new functions include ASUSTOR's App Central 2 which users can use to download and install additional NAS Apps. No matter if it is Surveillance Center or digital entertainment Apps like iTunes Server or UPnP Media Server, users will be able to use App Central to download a variety of Apps in order to expand the functionality of their NAS. Additional features found in ADM 2.0 include, Searchlight search engine which supports fuzzy searches and helps users find required files, folders and applications, comprehensive 2-way transfer support which provides added backup deployment flexibility, Mission Mode backup which ensures for the successful completion of backup jobs and FTP Explorer which is the first FTP client designed for use on a NAS and lets users connect to FTP sites and transfer files via drag and drop from the convenience of the ADM desktop. FTP Explorer also lets users save the connection information to an unlimited amount of FTP sites for quick connections in the future. ADM 2.0 is currently available for all ASUSTOR NAS devices.

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