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Five Serious Criminals Arrested in Rio Shopping Mall in the First Weeks of Use of a Cloud Face Recognition System
Source: Allevate
Allevate’s Face-Searcher Cloud Service, built on Tygart Technology Inc’s MXSERVER?, is helping catch criminals in Brazil.

LONDON, UK and Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, 5th October 2017:

UK-based Facewatch and The Staff Security in Brazil have reported significant success with BRMalls, one of the largest shopping mall chains in South America and an early adaptor user of their online crime reporting service integrated with Allevate’s Face-Searcher.

BRMall’s Security Manager Jesse Barbosa, having used the integrated system in their flagship mall in Rio de Janeiro since July, said that “… the identification of five criminals already has proved to us how effective it is in supporting our daily operations.”

In further comments Mr. Pampurre, head of Security for BRMalls, said the system “…is a crucial tool to support us in combatting criminality.”

H.C. Bambirra, CEO of The Staff Security, says “…we are ready to start our expansion program across Brazil…” in three major cities, including Sao Paulo. Their intention is to deploy the integrated system into thousands of locations.

Face-Searcher is built on the industry-proven MXSERVERTM from Tygart Technology, Inc and incorporates state-of-the-art biometric algorithms from CyberExtruder. It enables organisations to utilise facial recognition as a hosted cloud service.

MXSERVERTM is an enterprise facial recognition cloud platform. It is the only biometric search engine on the market designed to handle Big Data (processing massive amounts of photos and videos) by leveraging a cloud-based architecture for faster parallel processing of services. MXSERVERTM is proven and utilised by Defence, Intelligence and Law Enforcement organisations and has also been used to enhance security at major events, such as the 2015 European Games, a major international sporting event.


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Founded in London in 2007, Allevate works with law enforcement, intelligence and government agencies to enhance public safety by ensuring positive identification through the application of biometric and identification technology.

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About Tygart Technology, Inc.

Tygart Technology, Inc. is a leading provider of enterprise-grade video and photographic analysis and biometric recognition systems. Tygart provides the U.S. Military, Intelligence Community and Law Enforcement markets with innovative software solutions that manage and automate the processing of massive volumes of digital video and photograph collections.

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About CyberExtruder

CyberExtruder develops facial recognition technology for a broad spectrum of real-world, government and commercial applications worldwide. Designed for OEM’s, integrators and end-users, CyberExtruder’s proprietary 3D face modelling technology mitigates the challenges of pose, lighting, and expression. A convolutional neural network enhances the ability to train algorithms and deliver ever-increasing performance.

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