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Enhanced Box Camera AI-CD36 launched into market!
Source: Acumen Int. Corp.
Acumen Int. Corp. released a new generation of high resolution box cameras Ai-CD36 which is suitable for various applications like the recognition of plate license…etc. Upgrade of the camera Ai-CD36 consists in the use of newly developed Sony chipset, Effio and 960H Exview HAD CCD.

Sony DSP Chipset, Effio (Enhanced Features and Fine Image Processor), which allows for 700TVL with richer color, high S/N, built in WDR, and higher color reproduction for security cameras. This camera is excellent for facial recognition or giving a clear image on license plates. This camera provides a low lux of 0.001 before it changes to black and white with the IR function. With this cutting-edge technology, Effio has taken the lead in the security camera market.

This model is also characterized by 2D Noise reduction which is a function that reduces the image noise in order to improve the image quality of the camera. In particular, it reduces the noise which is generated under low-brightness shooting conditions and other high-gain states.

The ATR (Adaptive Tone Reproduction) function provides gradation compensation to improve the contrast of subjects whose gradation has been lost in cases where, for instance, both low-luminance areas and high-luminance areas exist in the same picture.

The ATR function improves the visibility of the entire picture by providing the optimum gradation compensation for the image in one field based on the luminance information.

Here’s another feature of Effio, Wide Dynamic Range (WDR), which is a function that it can acquire natural images with fewer blown out highlights and blocked up shadows by combining a multiple number of images, shot at different exposure times, using digital signal processing.
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