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Why AGC important to video fiber converter

Did you ever experience while running multi site cameras over fiber, the image brightness on mornitors were different? Even use the same P/N under one brand, and transfer by the same fiber optic transmitter and receiver, it also happens. Is that kind of unfair thing to the honorable cameras you might use but can not deliver its real images to control room?
There is nothing to do with the cameras, frankly. It is the point that when you choose vendor of video fiber converters,you should check specs whether it comes with AGC or not.
Analog videos running over cable will be degraded as we all know so much about this, the standard output level of each camera is 1Vpk-pk.Check the output of fiber receiver you use, how is that?0.5Vpk-pk?1.2Vpk-pk?1.8Vpk-pk?
Video fiber converters which armed with AGC, will take care of this and ensure you must get 1Vpk-pk output. So forget about some tricks as "ours are with ADCor something.", tell them what you want is A.G.C.,auto gain control.
Just a small chipset, a little bit consideration for you, and it doesn't cost too much.
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