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OPCOM presents world-leading high performance WDR and cost effective 600TVL camera solutions

Taipei, TW (August 08, 2011) – In the past two months, global digital imaging and lighting solution innovator OPCOM Inc. has released two series of high performance 600TVL D&N Outdoor Bullet Cameras: CS341 and CS1100-WDR. Both of which are equipped with OPCOM’s revolutionary high performance image sensors and proprietary 3A video processing engines, delivering unparalleled image features and details during daytime and ultra-sensitivity at night. Both CS341 and CS1100-WDR are aimed at shattering the world of traditional CCTV with uncompromised quality at lowest cost possible.

600 TV Lines
Seeing is believing. Powered by OPCOM’s renowned sensor packaging, camera module, and 3A video processing engine technologies, CS341 and CS1100-WDR are professional-class super high-resolution outdoor IR bullet cameras with True Mechanical Day & Night that are expected to offer both professional CCTV installers and SOHO users high quality and high affordability. These edge-cut cameras provide truly (actually more than) 600 horizontal TV lines of video resolution and ultra-crispy clarity during daytime and can sensitively detect and distinguish a subject in pitch-dark environment with 0 Lux minimum illumination when IR LED on. OPCOM’s all-new 600TVL-series CCTV cameras are suitable for use in all lighting conditions, making them the most versatile outdoor cameras for a variety of CCTV applications including traffic control, retail anti-prevention, port security, campus safety, and industrial surveillance.

Wide Dynamic Range
The CS1100-WDR is an affordable Super High-Resolution Day & Night Outdoor IR Bullet Camera with best-in-class Wide Dynamic Range (WDR) function, enabling the camera to deliver videos with near-perfect exposure even in the harshest of lighting conditions. Unlike most so-called WDR cameras widely available in today’s market which are software rendered, the CS1100-WDR series is embedded with a hardware-based WDR system, allowing it to achieve superb image features and details in both indoor and outdoor environments. This 120dB WDR enhancement delivers professional end users the unparalleled details balance of high light in the background and dark shadow in the foreground.

Ideal WDR camera applications may include:
ATM Banking: Allowing DVR to capture facial features and details of subject when camera is facing strong sunlight
Retail Anti-Prevention: Allowing business owners to prevent shop lifting and theft from inside in areas like busy entries, checkout points, parking lots, and storage rooms
Casino: Allowing security officers to spot suspicious acts around gaming tables under high-contrast lightings
Traffic Control: Allowing officials to monitor traffic flow and capture license plates of violators when facing strong vehicle headlights and sunlight
Upgrade Existing DVR: Allowing low-quality DVR to record superior details without throwing entire co-axial cabling and recording systems already-installed away

Megapixel Lens
A good lens is equally important as a good sensor. Equipped with a large-aperture F2.0 multi-megapixel lens, both CS341 and CS1100-WDR are not only highly visible under low-light conditions but also capable of delivering ultra-sharp colors and crystal clear images with high details. Every multi-megapixel lens is individually fine tuned in optical laboratory with OPCOM proprietary testing systems to ensure every CCTV installation will ever appreciate this cost-up on OPCOM side for improved video quality.

True Day & Night
OPCOM is not thrifty when cameras already come with best-in-class image sensor, 3A video processing engine with unique low-light noise reduction technologies, and multi-megapixel lens. Both CS341 and CS1100-WDR further adopt industrial-level brilliant infrared LEDs, mechanical infrared cut filter removable (ICR), and anti-IR smearing glass, delivering vibrant images without color distortion in the daytime and recordable clear video at night. With large F2.0 lens aperture, 18pcs long-lasting infrared LEDs illuminate an effective visibility of 20m under starlight condition outdoor.

IP66 Weather Resistant with ImageCool(TM) Thermal Dissipative Technology
Imagine OPCOM is an ISO/TS 16949 certified manufacturer (qualified for automotive cameras with ratings up to IP69), these highly durable metal-cased cameras have a real IP66 rating for protection again dust, rain, snow and sunlight exposure in the outdoor operating environment. In addition, it incorporates OPCOM’s patented ImageCool(TM) thermal dissipative technology, ensuring the lowest temperature possible inside the image sensor and minimum fixed pattern noise (FPN) in video, and thus maintaining superior video reproduction over long camera operation.

Last But Not Least
In short, both CS341 and CS1100-WDR series are designed for end users seeking superior image resolution for long-term video monitoring reliability at lowest cost possible. When quality is not compromised and price is overly competitive, CCTV distributors would find CS341 and CS1100-WDR overwhelmingly marketable in their respective markets.

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OPCOM Group is a global pioneer in digital imaging and lighting solutions for over 20 years. Up to date, there are more than 40-million laser products and 100-million camera modules delivered to consumer, security, telecommunication, automotive, and medical industries worldwide. To backup such a success, OPCOM possesses strong R&D teams located in Japan and Taiwan, state-of-the-art Class 10 clean-room wafer dicing, COB, SMT, mould tooling, and assembly facilities located in Taiwan and China, as well as ISO 9001 / 14001 / 13458 / TS 16949 certifications from SGS.
OPCOM Camera BU offers edge-cut OEM / ODM services to first-tier CCTV brands and channel distributors and cost-effective DIY package to retail chain stores in the world. For OPCOM corporate portfolio, please visit or; for further information on products, distributorship, OEM, ODM, quality standards, and factory auditing, please write to
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