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Hi Sharp Wins HD-SDI Camera Excellence Awards

The Hi Sharp HD camera series offers HD 720P@60/30FPS and full HD 1080P@30/60FPS resolution which can be sent as high definition images over standard coaxial cable.In using an existing coaxial cable infrastructure, it is a cost effective and labour saving solution to migrate from a typical analogue system to an HD performance system that would
favourably compare to a newly installed IP network camera system.

Designed to increase the cameras degree of image capture, it offers a wider area to enhance monitoring accuracy.This series of cameras adopts DC/manual (C/CS-mount) lens and performs 3- sense up on its image sensor.Each of the HD-SDI cameras has a built in removable IR-cut filter for good performance in both day and night mode.
The Hi Sharp HD cameras have been designed?with de-fog and mirror functions widening the range of potential applications.

The series of cameras offers a dual power (AC24V / DC12V) input to suit most power sources at different sites. The cameras can be controlled by remote controller via an RS485 interface.

Model: HS-HDC003/103,HDC013/113,HDC023/123/033/133,HDC043/143,HDC053/153,HDC063/163,HDC073/173,HDC083/183
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