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Why Latency is important in motorized camera!

We don't think we need to emphasize why latency is important in IP cameras anymore. However we would like to share with you why it is important in Motorized Cameras. As era of megapixel cameras came, the difficulty of focusing got greater. When faced with such issues many vendors came out with Auto Focus cameras, AF function that is used in PTZ cameras.
Auto Focusing is great feature and we all know it and it is not something that is very hard to develop. But AF cameras are expensive. And anyway, you need to manually pinpoint set the focus in some cases, as it does not work well according to the capturing environment.
FlexWATCH Motorized Cameras are not expensive as they are but most effective. Of course you have to set manually the zoom and focus, but when you compare with other vendors, you will see the difference. You will be able to set focus real time, unlike waiting for seconds and minutes when setting focus in some other vendors.
The great feature of FlexWATCH motorized camera is that specifications of cameras do not change but only lens even with the same F value. You will be able to notice that no specification change from their ordinary models but they are Motorized Cameras. Another great feature of FlexWATCH Motorized Camera is that it can be easily -d to "One-Shot AF" by firmware.
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