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Networked storage expert Infortrend? (Public TPE: 2495) today announced that the power-saving feature of its EonStor subsystems is enhanced to make the subsystems deliver high performance along with energy efficiency as much as 65percent system power reduction. Allowing users to flexibly configure power-saving levels for individual logical drives, the enhanced feature promises to maintain applications’ service level when implementing power management mechanism.

According to StorageIO, an information technology analyst and consulting firm, spinning hard disk drives (HDDs) and their enclosures account for up to 75[[][[]][[]%]] of the power usage in commonly deployed storage solution. The statistics explain why drive spin down is one of the main technologies enabling reduced storage power consumption. The problem of implementing this technology is its impacts on system performance. Generally speaking, a spun-down drive takes 30 to 45 seconds to spin up again. The risk of performance - imposes users a dilemma about whether to apply drive spin-down to certain applications which may not always be active but require fast response when accessed, such as CRM and accounting. In the rigid way of implementation, performance and energy efficiency are made into an either/or choice.

To rescue users from the dilemma, Infortrend now enriches EonStor arrays’ power-saving feature with level flexibility. Depending on applications’ access frequency and ideal performance level, users can configure the power-saving mode of their respective logical drives as level 1, level 2, or the combination of the two. Set with level 1 mode, disk drives will enter idle state if they have not received I/O for a user-configured period of time. In this state, disk drives take only a short delay of one second to respond when accessed. Set with level 2 mode, disk drives will enter spin-down state. According to Infortrend’s internal tests, although spun-down drives takes longer to respond when accessed, about 30 to 45 seconds, they consumes less than 20[[][[]][[]%]] of power and contribute to overall system energy saving around 50[[][[]][[]%]] in average (up to 65[[][[]][[]%]]). The two levels can further be combined into a two-stage procedure. Receiving no I/O for a period of time, disk drives would first become idle. If the no I/O status continues for another period of time, disk drives will then proceed with spin-down. The enhanced power-saving feature enables users to find a balance between storage performance and energy efficiency for applications.

“In recent years, the trend of green IT is proliferating in every corner of data center,” said Thomas Kao, product planning director at Infortrend Inc. “The call for energy savings has driven continuous launch of power-saving facilities, including servers, switches, storage systems and etc. When more and more products are claiming themselves as “green,” users’ purchasing concerns are no longer “green or not” but “smartly green or not.” Infortrend’s enhanced power-saving feature demonstrates the value of smart green technology. Its flexibility allows users to enjoy reduced energy costs without sacrificing ideal service level.”

Note: Actual power-saving efficiency may vary with system configuration and hard drive choices.
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