Solution Overview

GDSM (Giada Digital Signage Management System) is a professional digital signage management system with hardware and software integration. It has revolutionary improvement in video wall layout management, digital signage operation & maintenance, and extends compatibility of front-end equipment. GDSM can greatly increase customer value and provides digital & intelligent upgrade for digital signage application in visual retail, institution, medical-care, transportation, hotel, entertainment and many other industries.

Key Features

Integrating display controller and media player
Combing content management system with layout One-stop installation and easily maintenance
Integrating display controller and media player

Core Functions

Information Publishing

Flexibly editing, efficiently publishing, supporting PIP
Display Layout Management

Supporting various display layout setting and 4K display
Remote Control

Supporting remote access by various smart devices

System Architecture

Giada Media Players adoptable for the GDSM

Kabylake/Skylake Video-wall Signage Player
Kabylake Multi-display Signage Player
Ultra-compact Apollo Lake Fanless Player
Braswell Fanless Signage Player

Applications of GDSM

Case Study Download

WPI Group, the largest electronics system aggregator and electronics distributor in Asia, can effectively connect the upstream solution providers and downstream system integrators. Giada, whose GDSM is among the first batch to win the Intel MRS approval in the mainland, has independent hardware and software development and integration capabilities. Intel MRS ecosystem helps speed up GDSM deployment among end-customers. GDSM, a solution of cooperation by WPI, Giada and Intel, will help retailers to effectively address the opportunities and challenges of the Internet of Things era.