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KBC ES Range Ethernet Switches
KBC ES Range Ethernet Switches
  • Supplier: KBC Networks
  • Region: United States
  • Updated: 02/10/2011
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Product Specifications
  • The KBC ES range features both managed and unmanaged switches that are designed specifically to meet the demands of today’s industrial networks.

    The KBC switch range includes an unmanaged entry-level series, suitable for straightforward IP camera networks, as well as switches that offer fiber interfaces, embedded serial server data ports and SFP ports (Small Form Pluggable - a flexible port that allows users to select either a fiber SC or RJ45 interfaces).

    Unlike many of their networking counterparts, where systems can often afford slower recovery times, security networks and safety critical systems rely on high-speed recovery. To meet this demand, the KBC switches offer redundancy through DT-Ring or DT-Ring+ technology to ensure recovery times of less than 100msec.