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Combi Prelam
Combi Prelam
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Product Specifications
  • JINCO prelams are the intelligent customized solutions for contactless cards or security products that requires semi-finished RFID transponders inside.

    In order to adapt to different market demands, we provide and design specific prelams of Dual Frequency Cards, Hybrid/Combi Cards, Dual Interface Cards that fits well into your application.

    ※ Specification:

    ● Matrix Possibilities:2x5, 3x6, 3x7, 3x8, 5x5 ( special configuration on request )

    ● Thickness:470um - standard ( depending on chip module )

    ● Operating Frequency:125KHZ+13.56MHZ;13.56MHZ+13.56MHZ; 13.56MHZ+UHF (868MHZ~2.45GHZ)

    ● Reading Range:Depending on the reader design

    ● Material:PVC, Normal PETG, High-Temperature PETG, Paper

    ● Antenna:copper coil

    ● Operating Temperature:130°C

    ● Storage Temperature:-20°C ~ 50°C

    ● Standard Packaging:80 sheets /packing with ESD bag;

    two ESD bags /corrugated case

    ● Available with different ICs:RFID IC Summary