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SM-2570  Programmable Security Module multi-standard
SM-2570 Programmable Security Module multi-standard
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Product Specifications
  • The programmable Security Modules multi-standard SM-2570 and SM-2570C* meet the ISO RF standards ISO 14443 A and ISO 15693 as well as the LEGIC RF standard. The modules can operate all RF standards simultaneously, giving choice of differ- ent credentials as well as ensuring backward compatibility with LEGIC prime.

    The SM-2570 is a fully integrated hybrid reader module. It consists of the LEGIC OS Controller, the user programmable on-chip application processor and the LEGIC RF chip. Design-in

    is made easy due to its integrated RF circuit and the efficient development tools. The programmable analog/digital dynamic interface enables the use of a wide range of peripherals (key- boards, displays etc.). Advanced high security features and various host interfaces offer a comprehensive base for a secure RFID reader platform.

    *RF standards: simultaneous operation of all ISO and LEGIC RF standard, reads UID of transponders based on Inside Contactless technology, e.g. HID iClass

    *Reading/writing of transponders: secure and contactless

    *Communication range*: up to 25 cm with standard circuit design

    *Application Processor: programmable, can hold full application

    *Operating modes: without, with external or on-chip Application Processor

    *Peripheral interface: programmable analog/digital dynamic interface, enables the direct use of a wide range of peripherals

    *Host interfaces: various protocols (e.g. RS232/485, SPI, BPA/L)

    *Application interfaces: flexible data format generator for Wiegand and OMRON (ABA, Clock & Data)

    *Data transmission: encrypted along complete data path from transponder memory via RF interface to external host system (end-to-end security)

    *Data encryption: selectable standards for each application

    *Module identification: unique serial number

    *Reader design: ready-to-use module with integrated RF circuit, programmable

    *Application Processor and interfaces

    *RF wake-up: watch mode for battery operation

    *Power consumption: various low power modes, configurable RF power

    *Download function: firmware upgrades through host or service interface

    *Master-Token System Control: for authorization, data access and application management

    *Multiapplication: direct access to specific application; variable segment length and freely selectable segment search criteria

    *Application standards for interoperability: defined data structures and func- tions for cash handling, access control, biometrics and others

    *FIPS 201: reads FASC-N according Transition State Specification

    *Initialization function: for creating Master-Tokens and to initialize application segments on credentials

    *Backward compatibility: with LEGIC prime