Socionext Taiwan Inc.
Socionext Taiwan Inc.
Product Info
Socionext CMOS 24GHz All-in-One Radar Sensor SC1233AR3
Socionext Taiwan Inc.
Region: Taiwan
Update: 2019/08/28
Key Specifications
The "easy-to-use" and "all-in-one" 24GHz radar sensor enables motion and distance detection without any external MCU, and angle detection with light MCU calculations.

  • Power consumption: average 0.5mW
  • Detection area: ~<8m FOV: 120˚
  • Multiple antennas (both Tx and Rx) integrated inside package
  • High volume, mass production using standard CMOS process
  • Invulnerability to environmental conditions (e.g., smoke, fog or dirt)
  • Ability to handle multiple data types
  • No physical lens required ( allowing for hidden sensors)
  • Resistance to external heat