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RFID UHF Windshield Tags for Veh
Shenzhen Card Label Technology Limited
Region: China
Update: 2019/10/07
Key Specifications
RFID Windshield Tag is a cost efficient UHF tag that is attached on windshield of car for automobile identification and tracking. Special Slit structure makes it one-off features, which will be nonfunctional if be removed. Typical applications: Automobile tracking, parking system


UHF Windshield Tag


ISO18000-6C (EPC gen2)

Operationg Freq


Working mode

Read and Write

Memory Size

96bits EPC memory,512bits User memory


Alien H3


101*76*0.35mm/Accept Cutomized


Paper/PET/PVC and etc

User life

One-off windshield tag ,if someone want to move off tag ,then tag will be destroyed


Windshield tag is a tamper evident tag and can be easily attached with self adhesive tape.

It is frequency independent flexible tag and operate effectively with read range of over 10m when attached to inside of vehicles''s windshield.

Unique serial number and the associated barcode are printed at the front of the tag to allow automated processing and easy issuing to end-users.


1.Intelligent parking management

1) Auto identification

Using RFID automatic identification technology, do not have to control in person.

2) Convenience and speed

The owners do not have to stop the when passing the automatic barrier

3) Security

The system can automatically identify the vehicles, and warn the unauthorized vehicle by alerting.

4) Systematization

It can integrate all staff‘s access control, time and attendance management with the system.

2. Highway electronic toll collection

1) Minimizing traffic delays caused by the fare collection process, improve the efficiency of charge.

2) Full-automation makes the charge more accurate and prevents arbitrary charges and malpractices

3) Automatic barrier ensure the vehicle safe.