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MOTOROLA CallWorks CallStation
Motorola Solutions
Region: United States
Update: 2019/09/25
Key Specifications
Using the latest software design and telephony technologies, our native i3-compatible application manages the receipt of emergency calls and seamlessly dispatches a response with a simple, easy-to-use workflow.

  • One-touch transfer of calls saving precious seconds
  • Integrated workflow options (9-1-1, Map, Dispatch)
  • NG9-1-1 ready and designed for ESInet-based i3 and legacy CAMA call handling

Easily locate 9-1-1 callers in need

Right when a call is received – from a cell phone or landline – it is mapped and prioritized for faster response.

  • Both traditional 9-1-1 and mapped ALI functions displayed on a single map
  • Easily view and manage incoming calls from the map – before the call is answered.
  • Pinpoint caller location accuracy with RapidSOS partnership

Efficient system architecture

Reduce hardware at each position…and in the server room. Browser-based architecture eliminates complex firmware and driver problems at the operator’s console and easily integrates with third party mapping or CAD systems via standard interfaces.